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Oro Valley Residence

The intent of this renovation was to transform the interior into a cool desert oasis. Located in the hot desert of Tucson, Arizona, the completed interior is a cool, calm reprieve from the rigorous heat and beautiful yet harsh landscape of the Sonoran desert. The client wished the interior of this 1980s single family residence to reflect the modern architecture of the existing structure. The palette is a soothing blend of warm and cool neutrals against crisp architectural lines and floating forms. The materials are a rich mix of honed and polished surfaces creating a soothing and sophisticated environment.

The scope of the project included the design renovation of the kitchen, master bath, guest bath and living room fireplace built-ins and sliding glass door.

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Assured Imaging Mobile Medical Coach

Working closely with a healthcare provider, we have designed mobile medical coaches with a spa-like feel. Services include planning, equipment layout and interior design. The selection of all materials and finishes are researched and intended to put users at ease and create a calm and serene experience.

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Hacienda Residence

This residence is located on Tucson’s eastside, in the heart of horse country. Key elements of the project include creating an ancillary space for the television, a sense of entry, open living space and a roomy and functional kitchen and dining area. The new layout and windows maximize views out and enhance the relationship between interior and exterior. The project included reconfiguring the floor plan, new windows and doors, new rustic stone fireplace enclosure and mesquite mantle, kitchen design and new flooring and paint colors to offset the couple’s eclectic furnishings.

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Highrise Apartment

The challenge was to transform a 2 bedroom/2 bath cookie cutter apartment into a lofty modern space. The client desired an open plan, a comfortable space for entertaining, and lighting and wall space to display his art collection.

The floor plan is organized around a continuous ceiling plane running the length of the apartment. Walls between the windowless kitchen and dining room were eliminated. The kitchen was strung along the back of the apartment separated by a partial wall and a long cantilevered counter. It’s concealed, yet still open to the living area and receives natural light.

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Fullerton Avenue Chicago

This gut renovation is located within a prewar high-rise building in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. The client wished to return the apartment to its original glory: herringbone wood floors, traditional crown molding and running trim throughout, plaster ceiling details, new windows, the creation of a butler’s pantry and redesign of the kitchen.

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Lake Shore Drive Residence Chicago

This project is located in a 1920s pre-war high-rise along Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. The residence was a compartmentalized collection of boxy rooms. The challenge was to transform it into an open and architecturally dramatic series of visually connected and graceful spaces.

The new layout was designed to increase flow and to maximize daylight. By using a consistent palette of materials throughout the home, one space flows into the next. Visual cues in the ceiling, millwork and floor signal and connect separate areas within a larger cohesive space.

Features include a gallery, wine room, monumental steel staircase, lighting design, home integration technologies, and his and her master suite. The design is a blend of modern restraint and modern day luxury.

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Mister Car Wash Corporate Headquarters

We have collaborated with Rob Paulus Architects on the interior design for the new corporate headquarters for Tucson based Mister Car Wash. The 25,000 square foot state of the art office space is situated within what was once an abandoned 1950s Art Deco inspired building, walking distance from downtown Tucson.

The building includes open and private offices, a training facility, boardroom, breakout spaces, a generous lounge and fully equipped gym. Modern furniture and finishes offset the exposed brick walls and steel structure, creating a dynamic environment.

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Townhouse Residence

The 1500 square foot townhouse was a series of small dark rooms, not ideal for a young family of five that enjoys relaxing together. City zoning requirements prohibited an addition, so this family opted for a re-design with an open feel.

High ceilings create volume, lending a spacious feel to the relatively small home. To add light and maintain privacy on a city block where houses are 3 feet apart, clerestory windows were added. A large sliding glass door and floor to ceiling windows were installed at the rear wall providing light and a visual extension to the deck and backyard. The plan is open. A partial wall conceals the structure of the building and delineates the living, dining and kitchen areas.



Interior Design

Residential Design

Commercial Design

The Design Process begins with a shared vision and a preliminary budget. Working closely with the client we develop the project in several phases. The process is seamless, combining architectural planning and detailing with finishes and furnishings for a truly cohesive and thoughtful design.

Preliminary Design
We establish project goals, client requirements and a preliminary budget. This phase also includes zoning and building code reviews.

Schematic Design
We explore design concepts and solutions within the context of a working budget. These design options will be schematic with basic floor plans, imagery and 3 dimensional drawings to help shape and convey the design intent of each scheme.

Design Development
We determine the materiality and character of the project. This phase includes the design of the built elements and selection of all fixtures. We’ll establish the aesthetics, style and overall feel of the project through imagery, your initial selections and showroom visits. We will determine the costs associated with all selections so you can decide where it makes sense to invest or consider alternate selections.

Construction Documents
Construction documents shall be used for bidding, permit procurement and construction, and include the coordination of engineering services and specialty consultants.

Construction Administration and Observation
Review of project progress with respect to execution for design intent and adherence to drawings, answer questions that arise in the field and act as your liaison or representative as little or as much as you’d like. Clear communication between all parties allows for the best use of time, resources and the best result.


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Madeleine Boos Architecture + Interiors specializes in the design of distinguished residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, creative solutions and quality execution of work in every project we undertake.

Our focus is on impeccable customer service, guiding you through each phase of your project from preliminary design through occupancy and accessorizing.

The relationship between architect and client is essential to the success of the project. Through an ongoing dialog and exchange of ideas the client’s desires are defined and take shape. From concept through construction, each individual design is implemented to meet its full potential.

The process is seamless, combining architectural planning and detailing with finishes and furnishings for a truly cohesive and thoughtful design. The result is that perfect balance of space, light, and form creating truly individual and personalized spaces.

Madeleine Boos

Madeleine Boos is a registered architect with over 20 years of experience in architectural and interior design, specializing in the design of distinguished residential and commercial projects. This Chicago native splits her time between Chicago and Tucson, Arizona, bringing an urban sensibility to the Sonoran Desert. Prior to working in Tucson, Madeleine’s experience ranged from project architect to project designer at several Chicago architectural firms of note.

She is inspired by the notion of clean lines against the changing face of nature and strives for a sensual minimalism fused with an urban chic aesthetic. Her work includes a variety of styles based on the client’s location and desires and includes transformations of 600 to 60,000 square feet. No matter the size or style of the project, Madeleine maintains a careful balance between architectural space, lifestyle/work style and design.


Initial consultations are scheduled at your convenience and are provided at no cost. Once the parameters of the project are identified, clients are provided with a detailed proposal outlining the scope of services and an anticipated timeline for the project. We would love to hear from you; please contact us using the form below or call/email us at:


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